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2012年6月13日 星期三

Galaxy s3

With so many new smartphones to choose from these days it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. One of the many factors which could affect your ultimate decision will be the operating system as these vary greatly. In this article I will look at the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, which are the latest flagship smartphones for the Android and Windows Phone (respectively) operating systems.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has the latest version of the Windows Phone OS, which is Microsoft's foray into the mobile operating system market. The latest version, nicknamed Mango, which is version 7.5 of the software which offers plenty to keep you both organised and entertained. If you are familiar with Microsoft's desktop OS offerings, you will probably find that this software has a similar look and feel, of course with the most noticeable difference being the fact that it is touchscreen operated rather than using a keyboard and mouse. The homescreen is based on a tile format, where apps are arranged in large tiles with live updates which will inform you of unread messages, missed called, new emails and social networking updates. This looks very different to the Android and iOS (Apple's smartphone and tablet operating system) layout where there are smaller icons arranged in a grid pattern. As an alternative to the popular Android and iOS devices, the Nokia Lumia 900 offers a great choice. In terms of apps, Windows Phone marketplace offers less of a choice than Google Play or the AppStore, but generally you will find that any apps that have been successful in these formats will also be available for windows phones. Overall, the Nokia Lumia 900 is ideally suited to those who value ease of use and simplicity over customisation and choice of apps. The Nokia Lumia 900 also offers an 8 megapixel camera, unique styling, advanced touchscreen and a choice of colours. As an alternative to Android and iOS phones, the Nokia Lumia 900 would be my top recommendation.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest Samsung flagship, which showcases the new Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' platform. This software is well known for its high degree of customisation whereby you can assign multiple homescreens and customise these with apps and widgets from Google Play and Samsung Hubs. The Galaxy S3 also has a number of innovative software additions like S-Voice, which is similar to Siri on the iPhone 4S because it will carry out a variety of different tasks based on voice commands. The Samsung Galaxy S3 with its Android software is ideally suited to tech enthusiasts who want the latest cutting-edge smartphone technology available.
As you can see, there is quite a contrast between the operating systems of the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you value ease of use and efficiency I would recommend the Nokia Lumia 900. If advanced technology is what you are interested in, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S3.