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2012年8月26日 星期日

Awaiting Apple iPhone 5

A possible 12 megapixel camera on the iPhone 5 will provide even greater clarity when capturing photos and video clips in High Definition before viewing them in the Photos gallery or moving them to the integrated iCloud. The handset is also set to implement some other major changes to the series from its predecessors.

Following the success of all the handsets released so far including the most recent iPhone 4S this model is set for release this Summer and has many speculative reports and rumours as to what it will offer. The recent launch of the new iPad meanwhile has gone some way further to allowing closer predictions as to what the handset will indeed probably offer. The latest iPad does not run just iOS 5 operating system but 5.1, where previous new launches in the smartphone series from Apple have included the next full version altogether. It is likely therefore that iPhone 5 will include either 5.1 in the least, but very possibly mark the release of iOS 6. Whichever the version the handset will doubtless include a range of bug fixes and updates for the recently released new built in applications and services including Siri, the voice command app, iCloud the remote storage and backup service and Reminders to help you keep up with all your tasks in life.

There will also be some new features to coincide with improved hardware and processing power that could likely be a dual core Apple A5X chip or again potentially a new powerful A6 chip. With other handsets now being released with quad-core power for Apple of all manufacturers to move to only dual core at this stage is relatively unlikely. Other changes are to the Retina display which has been rumored to be upgraded form 3.5 inches to 4 inches, possibly without increasing the handset size, but instead by moving the Home button to the top or side of the device. It is likely that the main camera will be at least 12 megapixel and come with improved capabilities to match other handsets available also. Connectivity is likely to include Bluetooth 4.0 and quite probably the newcomers DLNA and NFC to coincide with likely other new releases of products such as the Apple TV.

While there is still speculation about what the iPhone 5 will offer (right up until its actual launch), it is easy to look at current products and come to logical conclusions over what this handset will bring to the World. Whatever it finally is, it will be a major launch of a major new smartphone.

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