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2012年9月4日 星期二

Lumia 920 Specs Revealed, Features 1.5GHz Dual-Core Power

Lately Tapscape documented which Nokia had been focusing on a brand new Home windows Telephone 8 device- the actual Lumia 920. Whenever it had been exposed, just about all all of us understood for several had been it showcased the four. 5-inch display, had been called Lumia 920 as well as showcased WP8 because it's OPERATING SYSTEM. Very little to put into practice, however fortunately all of us know much more with an more information drip.

The Lumia 920 will feature a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, wireless charging, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. As for the camera, its marketed as a “PureView” (which goes up to 41MP on its highest-end line), though its only 8MP. The back camera will also feature a 1.3MP front cam.
The Lumia 920 is expected to be revealed this Wednesday, and is hoped to release in late October or early November.

Microsoft Could Change Its Fate With Windows 8

From Windows 8 to WinRT and even Windows Phone 8- something strange is starting to happen. What’s that? People are actually buzzing about Windows for the first time in a while. Not all this buzz has been positive, but it’s clear that people are sitting up and taking notice.
Windows 8, RT, and Windows Phone 8 represent a future push into mobile, as well as a more unified product line from MS. While each of these OSes have different targets- Windows 8 for x86 Pcs/laptops/tablets, Windows RT for ARM tablets and laptops, WP8 for mobile phones- they are all based on the same core technology (Windows NT) and have a very similar look and feel that requires minimal learning curve when moving to different MS devices.

It’s nevertheless not clear whether MICROSOFT will probably be a large achievement or even large washout, however what's obvious is actually that they're taking out all of the halts. Ms Area offers produced lots of hoopla, and when Microsoft’s companions can perform exactly the same along with Home windows Telephone products such as the brand new Lumia 920- Home windows may have the vibrant long term forward within cellular.

Sufficient to consider lower Apple company or even Google’s rule? Not, however definitely sufficient to provide all of them a bigger and much more strong placement within the cellular marketplace. Or perhaps a poor move ahead their own component might drive all of them lower even more. Exactly what do you consider from the Lumia 920? Could it be that which you anticipate from the WP8 gadget?

How can you experience Home windows 8, Telephone 8, as well as RT? Fired up or even not really?

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