HyperSmash Ecselling.com: Two new 7-inch Kindle Fires to be unveiled on September 6, but no 10-incher

2012年9月3日 星期一

Two new 7-inch Kindle Fires to be unveiled on September 6, but no 10-incher

This is starting to get crazy. And ridiculous. Amazon has scheduled a special unveiling event for September 6, and, even with a few days to go, we still have no idea what the Kindle Fire makers will bring to the public attention.
We know that we are in for a treat, we know that at least one Kindle Fire 2 tablet is to be unveiled, but rumors keep contradicting one another on the gadget(s)’ specs and features, starting with the display diagonal size.

Enter post entire body We all know that people have been in for any deal with, we all know which a minumum of one Kindle Fireplace two pill will be revealed, however gossips maintain contradicting each other about the gadget(utes)’ specifications as well as functions, beginning with the actual show diagonal dimension.

We’ve already been confirming upon “inside” reviews, leakages as well as speculations about the issue since final springtime, as well as virtually each one of these stated another point. We’ve experienced individuals stating there’ll end up being just one brand new 7-incher revealed, the 7- along with a 10-incher, only a 10-incher, 2 7-inchers as well as the 10-, 2 7- and something 8. 9-inchers.

The most recent gossip is actually which Amazon . com offers briefly placed on maintain it's 10-inch pill programs and can appear to pay attention to fighting off the actual Nexus 7 as well as apple ipad Small problems. So that as legitimate because which sounds… await it… it would appear that not just one, however 2 brand new 7-inch Kindle That will fire tend to be arriving.

CNET may be the supply of this particular brand new statement, therefore that’s 1 strong cause to purchase the actual tale. On the other hand, the actual gossip generator is actually milling once again following the accounts of the unnamed “person” that has allegedly “seen the actual products”, and so i believe that gold coin turning situation could be cut back up for grabs. right here...

Assuming that the “person” is not bluffing though, let’s see what “he” has to say about the two tablets. The first of the duo will only be a “slightly revamped version of the original tablet” with a new user interface and a lower pricing point than the first Kindle Fire (possibly $150).
That doesn’t sound very exciting, but the second 7-incher does. This should supposedly come with a faster processor, a camera (probably a front-facing one matching Nexus 7’s), physical volume controls, an HDMI port and larger storage capacity (still non-expandable though).
CNET’s source has no intel on this puppy’s pricing, which will probably depend on the exact upgrades Amazon is planning. If this version of the Fire 2 were to come with a quad-core CPU, that, alongside the HDMI connection, camera and higher storage, will surely raise the bar to at least $250.

So far as personalisation will go, the actual book also offers absolutely nothing in order to statement at this time, therefore all of us don’t understand when the 2 pills can get various titles or even they’ll end up being known as something similar to the actual Fireplace two and also the Fireplace two Professional. Lastly, Amazon’s 10-incher continues to be likely to arrive eventually, however for the moment the actual Nexus 7 nuisance is a lot much more essential compared to enticement to visit following the iPads.

Overall, I’m nevertheless unsure regardless of whether this particular statement is actually much more reliable compared to other people which are stating different points, however luckily all of us shouldn’t make use of speculations as well as presumptions with regard to considerably longer. Sept 6 is actually nearby as well as gossips may lastly cease after that.

Exactly what do you consider? The number of brand new pills may Amazon . com reveal, whenever as well as exactly how may these types of end up being specced?

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